Meditation for Beginners

Mindfulness, Higher Consciousness

Hello there, have you ever felt like you’re so stressed, tired, anxious, or overwhelmed. Sometimes you can feel good for a few days but then something doesn’t go your way and it just pulls you into feeling discouraged or the situation puts you in a bad mood. What if I told you that there is a way to put away the stress, the anxiety, tiredness, or any negative feelings to start living a more fulfilling life. This ancient practice is called meditation. Meditation is a form of connecting with yourself and your higher consciousness by focusing in the now.

Benefits of Meditation

1. Lowers stress.

2.Reduce anxiety.

3. Improves mental health.

4. Improves physical health

5. Improves your mood.

6. Promotes spiritual growth and higher consciousness.

(Cho,J., 2016)

How to Meditate

Important things to consider when meditating include: time allocated for your meditation, location of meditation, and the purpose of your meditation. For instance, what time of day and how much time you can allocate in your day is extremely important. You want to choose a time when you will have less opportunity for distraction because you will need to have absolute time to yourself in order for this to work. When choosing your location it would be best if you choose a quiet space indoors or a serene place outdoors, whichever one is more comfortable for you. The purpose of your meditation is important for focusing, whether it is focusing on just being in the now and releasing all thoughts, focusing on self love, focusing on connecting to your higher consciousness, and one that I find most rewarding — connecting with your creator.

For beginners, I would recommend guided meditation. There are plenty of guided meditations on YouTube which can be very helpful as they will guide you in your breathing techniques, posture, thoughts, and focus. This is a great way to get familiar with meditating and also to get an idea on how to make it your own by creating chants or words that you would like to use on your personalized meditation for the purpose of your meditation.

Here are some tips on how to meditate:

1. Sit up straight or lie down in a comfortable position with your spine straight.

2. You can take deep or normal, steady breaths, breathing in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

3. If you find yourself thinking on concerns or worries, just continue to focus, continue to meditate, and rid yourself of those thoughts and concerns as you breathe steadily. Focusing and thinking about your breathing is a great way to push those unwanted thoughts out of your mind. Another simple way is to concentrate on a beautiful picture or a beautiful place in your mind and keep going back to that picture or place in your mind.

How Often Should You Meditate

This really is up to you. Just as with other things in life such as daily exercise, playing the piano, or drawing often will improve your health or skills the same is true for mediation. The more you practice, the more you improve, and the more you’ll benefit from it. Meditation is life changing in so many positive ways. Enjoy the benefits and the sense of relief.


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