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How to Start Eating Healthy

In our culture today we are in abundance of so many different food choices in restaurants, in grocery stores, in pastry shops, convenient stores, etc. The hustle and bustle of our every day busy lives doesn’t make it easy for us to make good food choices, especially when we’re rushing to get to work, taking the kids to school, taking them to their sports or extracurricular activities. Eating unhealthy meals on a constant day to day or even two or three times a week can be convenient, yet slowly taking so much from your health. Unfortunately, often times, you won’t notice until you are a few sizes bigger or when you begin to see symptoms of diabetes, heart disease, or other health issues.

Stop Eating Meals Like These

Stop eating meals like these, Eating meals like these trigger blood sugar imbalances, causes your body to store excess glucose as fat, and puts you on a continuous cycle for your body to crave more and more of the same types of unhealthy food choices.

If you are currently experiencing problematic symptoms or are noticing your weight is picking up or out of control already, don’t worry. It’s not too late to take steps in the right direction and reclaim your health. Deciding today to do something about it and sticking with it will make a huge difference a week from now, six months from now, and there on after. Making the choice to eat healthy is a lifestyle change, not a diet plan. Learning how to eat and making conscious decisions to eat healthy are crucial to creating a healthy eating lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

Start Eating Meals Like These

Start eating meals like these which will help stabilize your blood sugar levels, balances the way your body processes the food for a healthy digestive system that will keep you feeling more energetic and more satisfied until it is time for your next meal. Your body needs the right amount of protein, healthy carbs, and healthy fats per meal to properly digest your food, have energy, and for it not to store excess as fat. Your plate should include 1/3 green vegetables, 1/3 of good quality protein, and 1/3 starchy vegetable or grains, along with 1 to 3 tablespoons of healthy fats. Too much of any protein, carb, or fats will have your body craving more food or more sugars. For example, your protein portion can be easily measured by the size of the palm of your hand. If you are a Vegan or A Vegetarian, you may substitute the meat portion with a healthy plant protein such as Lentils or Chickpeas.

Food Choice Tips

Here are some tips for making the right choices on healthier types of foods on your next grocery store trip:

1. If your food choice looks like it came from the ground, plant, or tree it is going to be healthier.

2. If your food label has ingredients that you aren’t able to read and immediately recognize, it probably has some unhealthy additives in there.

3. If your food looks like it has gone through a processing plant before it made it to your plate, it,more than likely, has added ingredients that are made to make you crave them more.

I hope you enjoyed this read. Most importantly, I hope you can take some of this information and making a change toward a healthier lifestyle for a healthier you!!


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